Resilience and stress - Urs Nater and his team in "P.M. Wissen" on Servus TV


Some people cope better with crises and strokes of fate than others. This psychological resistance is called resilience. And resilience was the subject of the program "P.M. Wissen" on Servus TV.


In this program, Prof. Urs Nater (Clinical Psychology of Adulthood) has his say as an expert. He and his team want to find out the secret behind this by exposing test subjects to a stressful situation and then measuring how quickly the body recovers from it. 


To the video contribution of the broadcast.

Interview by the National Radio Station Ö1


On the occasion of the Kids' University 2019, Anja Feneberg and four of our young workshop attendees were interviewed by the national radio station Ö1 on the topic "Does music listening promote health?". 

Follow this link ( to listen to the interview (in German) until February, 1st 2020. 

Press release: Interview with El Mercurio, Chile


On occasion of this year's International Congress of Behavioral Medicine in Santiago de Chile, Prof. Dr. Urs Nater was interviewed by El Mercurio, the main written press in Chile, on the stress-reducing effects of music listening. 


Find the complete interview here.

Our lab on TV


wissen² reports on effects of music listening on mind and body.

The broadcasting company "Hessischer Rundfunk" published a TV stream and article on effects of music on health including our current research on music listening and pain perception.

The complete article can be found here. 

Videographer visited our lab

We experienced an exciting day in our lab, as videographer Bruno Behnam filmed each of the steps that we perform when conducting our studies.    


A video showing how our lab assesses the effects of music listening on psychobiological stress in daily life and the study protocol have recently been published in the Journal of Visualized Experiments and can be found here.

Enjoy watching!

Press release

The epd (Evangelischer Pressedienst) visited our lab and reported on our research projects investigating the stress reducing effects of music.


The complete press release can be found here.


Press Release

Collective music listening promotes well-being and relaxation


Our latest publication in the Journal Psychoneuroendocrinology has received considerable attention by the media. Dr. Linnemann was interviewed by the radio station kulturradio rbb and various newspapers reported on the study. 


For more information, please follow the links below.


Radio interviews:


Press release:


Original publication:

Linnemann, A., Strahler, J., & Nater, U.M. (2016). The stress-reducing effect of music listening varies depending on the social context. Psychoneuroendocrinology, 71, 97-105.


The Lab on TV

Arte's X:enius reports on beneficial effects of music and dance

The scientific TV show 'X:enius' visited our lab in order to learn more about music, wellbeing and health.

Please visit Arte's website, to watch our lab in action. You can find the link here.

Press Release

Focus on music listening as a means of stress reduction in daily life

The German Society for Psychology (DGPs) reported on findings from our study on music listening as means of stress reduction in daily life.


The complete press release can be found here.